……………………… *backhand sableye slap* what. did. you. just. say?

*grabs Valient by the shirt neck* “another victini would just replace you”? Never mind that they’re rare, NO ONE can replace you

Obviously you don’t know how it works for legendaries. Sorry to piss you off or whatever man, but as soon as I die off another victini will take my place just like that. *snaps his fingers* I’m expendable.

Also, what’re you getting so mad about, I said I’m a coward right? I ain’t gonna do anything. Ace’d beat me. And on that matter, I’m a model, my face is my most important asset and you just cost me a job with that smack.


This is so stupid.

Valient put bunny ears on my head and told me to hide eggs for kids.


….maybe I should go see….



I should have told Ace-senpai to host a meet and greet Easter event with the band— that would have been great!

…..I wonder…if I should….no, I don’t think I will. Who needs him.



Easter Egg Hunt in the main Cathedral gardens!

Everyone should come! Some eggs have tickets for special prices in em!


Hey hey, is like….everyone, everyone welcome??? I love egghunts!!

……are there meal tickets as prizes maybe???

AHAHA! Flora looks so weird in that giant bunny suit! Too bad I’m already a bunny! Hehe.

I kinda wanna push her over….hm….BETTER HIDE EGGS INSTEAD—

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Interruption-- for any1? c: ))
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18. Your muse walks in on mine watching porn



Ow, that looks painful man, why are we watching this—?

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Hey Haru! What's the most up to date thing you've read? :B

Ah hello to you, um let me think. What have I read? So far I’ve been reading some novels though the names escape me—but nothing really worth mentioning.


ENTRY #732!
Sidenote: I will stay in my tent until I feel better >:C not gonna make anyone get sick! Ishouldalsofindaparttimejob;;;

((That’s Piano’s writing and drawing style, I was gonna add more of her drawings but ran out of spaaaace gonna D o it later c:))



Oh? Hey Val! long dime no see…*takes the tissues, how nice of him she was running out* dank you, yeah I dink I caughd id afder I fell in a foundain… Oh! but I dont’n dink you should be here…you mighd cadch id doo! that and I also dend to release a lod of electricity when sick
*she was scared of shocking him! He was one of the few people that talked to her!…andshecalledherfriend* 

Aaaah odange juice sounds so good right now! And some Chiken soup…. *She gave Val a tired smile, seriously! this guy is so nice!*

Heya, Pia! It has been a while, huh? Sorry about that! *he grins* Not a problem, miss. A fountain?! Woah, how did you manage that? Isn’t that bad? You being an electric type and all that I mean? Huh? Oh nah, no worries, I don’t think I’ll catch it. I don’t get sick very often so don’t worry. *he blinked* I’m sure my natural luck will keep me from getting shocked. *he laughed a bit*

Hm…If he doesn’t come back soon you can always let me know and I’ll getcha what you need, if that’s okay with you I mean.



[ The Herdier’s ears perked curiously. Moody ? What did he mean ? When he showed his phone, she noticed the battered and shattered screen. ] You threw it out the window ? [ Well that’s stupid. Why’d he do that ? ] Why ? What happened ? [ She questioned with a raised brow. ]

HUH oh uh …  n - nothing. I’m gine. I kinda just um … wanted to talk to you ? Maybe hang out. But I guess ah you were busy. [ She shrugged with a frown heavy on her lips. She dodged his gaze, fiddling with the tips of her caramel locks. ] But it’s fine. I had some work to do anyways. So it didn’t matter. 


*He sighed a bit* Yeah….yeah I did, not my finest moment, but whatever. *a shrug* Oh? Uh…nothing really…I uh…I’m just being a brat I guess? *he looked away a bit with a frown— he really was behaving like a child lately— and on top of that he was just so….tired….* It’s not important, don’t worry about it. Just lame guy stuff.

Oh! Well…I mean, I’m never to busy to hang out with you, Gracie! You know that! Besties and all! …I guess not having a phone makes it a little difficult to talk to me though, haha. I’m gonna go get a new one tomorrow, and I promise I won’t throw that one out anywhere. Hm? Were you busy with homework or work or something? You really need to take more breaks, you work too hard. *he smiled at her*